Celebrating artisans, culture and craft.

Mande Goods is a lifestyle brand focused on providing a curated selection of ethically sourced home goods, textiles, and gifts for everyday living. We are proud to be a Cincinnati-based small family business and aim to promote African arts, Contemporary designers, and finally to tell Africa's story through our curated textiles and goods.

Our Mission

Mande's primary objective is to present Africa's traditional artisanal techniques through innovative and thoughtful design, while also preserving cultural heritage and advancing environmental and social awareness. Mande achieves this goal by utilizing locally sourced materials and creating sustainable trade opportunities for our artisans. We introduce new concepts to handmade objects that prioritize sustainability and well-being, resulting in a unique, modern, and ethical lifestyle.

Our Approach

We are conscient of our impact on people and the planet. We curate and create home goods and many other objects that are durable - both in their life cycle and in their style. We are committed to supporting artisan communities so they can continue to practice their traditional crafts and keep our heritage traditions alive. We want to leave the environments and communities we touch improved upon by our daily actions.


Our products embody the essence of skilled craftsmanship. At Mande Goods, artisans are involved in every step of the production process. Each crafted item narrates a unique tale of a dedicated individual who has poured their expertise and dedication into its creation.

By valuing craftsmanship, we establish a genuine connection to the person behind the product. This connection sets crafted objects apart from soulless mass-produced goods, where the makers and producers remain distant and detached.

We firmly believe that understanding the story and historical significance behind a craft can inspire more mindful choices when selecting objects and encourage better care for the products we choose to incorporate into our lives.


Our commitment to sustaining traditional crafts is central to Mande Goods, as we engage in travel and personal encounters with skilled artisans. Collaborating with both women and men, we aim to develop innovative products while respecting their time-honored techniques.

By choosing to shop with us, you actively contribute to the sustainability of these artisans, enabling them to carry on the legacy of their crafts within their communities.

Our enthusiasm lies in acquiring knowledge about the materials and methodologies employed in crafting these exceptional pieces. Explore some of our preferred destinations where we embark on journeys to collaborate with local artisans, bringing distinctive and meaningful items into your home. And the list of such destinations continues to expand over time!